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Resolve to be Free & Happy

1. Walk Daily
2. Eat Fresh
3. Smile Often
4. Be Patient
5. Get Creative
6. Listen Closely
7. Value Difference
8. Comfort Need
9. Foster Good Will
10. Accept Joy

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2 June 2011

Soap Fest.

Sing A Song of Eco-sense

Sing a song of eco-sense,
Thrifty girls and guys.
For a couple greenbacks,
Make some soap with lye.

To add a pleasant smell,
One that won’t perturbe.
Just wander in the garden,
Pick a favorite herb.

Assemble main ingredients;
Fresh water, lard an lye.
Measure very carefully;
Protect your skin and eyes.

The alkali and acid,
Combined will make a base.
To get it extra sudsy,
Just add oil to the paste.

Brew it like your Granny did,
Crafting it with pride;
Then cut and package neatly,
Take cleanliness in stride.

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23 March 2011

Green Goodness.

So Fresh

Last weekend the Family Farmed Expo Chicago was held at the UIC Forum. And it lived up to it’s moniker. Rows upon rows of tables teeming with exhibitors touting their (mostly) farm fresh products –- including lots of great educational materials, friendly vendors and free samples. Yes, green goodness from apples to whole grains. Much of it organically grown or produced. Live cooking demonstrations, with free tasting samples, from some talented and gracious celebrity chefs that were accessible to anyone who waltzed up after the demos and wished to chat. As a lay person I did not go to any of the Farm to Fork Conference events (geared to professional farmers) but there was still a lot to learn. To be sure, I emerged with a fresh viewpoint on the implications of my grocery shopping habits.

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22 December 2010

Thrifty Santa.


The gift that keeps on giving … what could be more fun and economical than a White Elephant Gift Exchange party? Over the years I’ve both hosted and attended these shindigs. Known by many different names including Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa, etc., the goal is to laugh and have fun rather than neccesarily end up with the best gift. For basic rules go to Wikipedia. ‘Tis the season.

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18 April 2010


Home Improvement Revived

As anyone who owns a home can attest, feathering the nest is a never ending endeavor. By pure chance I found a place that can make that process less painful. ReStore, a building materials (windows, cabinets, flooring, doors, hardware, supplies) resale shop that benefits Habitat for Humanity and their homebuilding program, is just that place. They both accept donations and sell new and used materials at very good prices. It’s a big place and, while I didn’t walk out with anything on my first visit, I’ll be going back in the near future.

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23 March 2010